The Fellows

Meet a few of the 7,000+ Diller Teen Fellows who are stepping up, leading in their communities, and doing their part to repair the world.

Headshot Photo of Shoshana I of Toronto, Canada

Shoshana I.

New friendships built to last.

Toronto | 2022

Headshot Photo of Arieh R of Chicago

Arieh R.

A deep dive into my Jewish identity.

Chicago | 2022

תמונת פנים של איתן פ. מבואנוס איירס

Eitan F.

Buenos Aires | 2022

“Israel Summer Seminar (ISS) is an unforgettable experience, from the incredible local workshops we participate in, to connecting with hundreds of young people from all over the world.”
Eitan F., Buenos Aires Fellow 2022
Headshot Photo of Adi A of Tel Aviv, Israel

Adi A.

There are a lot of different ways to be a leader.

Tel Aviv | 2022

Headshot Photo of Adan M. of Buenos Aires

Adan M.

Israel Summer Seminar (ISS) brought so many new experiences and cultures.

Buenos Aires | 2022

Headshot Photo of Mikaila L of San Francisco

Mikaila L.

San Francisco | 2022

“Being a Fellow has opened my eyes to the differences in traditions and practices globally, but also has shown me the many similarities in what it means to be a Jew.”
Mikaila L., San Francisco Fellow 2022
Headshot Photo of Noa R of Shoham Israel

Noa R.

Opening my mind to Judaism in all its forms.

Shoham | 2022

Headshot Photo of Allison F of Chicago

Allison F.

Stepping outside my comfort zone.

Chicago | 2022

Headshot Photo of Zoe K of Boston

Zoe K.

I’m much more willing to take risks than I was before.

Boston | 2022

Headshot Photo of Sophie B. - United Kingdom

Sophie B.

I discovered what Judaism means to me.

United Kingdom | 2022

Headshot Photo of Daniel H of Hof Hasharon, Israel

Daniel H.

Hof Hasharon | 2021

“As a Diller Teen Fellow I gained tools that helped me move forward, step by step, in my leadership journey.”
Daniel H., Hof Hasharon Fellow 2021
Headshot Photo of Sofia F of Buenos Aires

Sofia F.

Connecting across differences to make something new.

Buenos Aires | 2022

Headshot Photo of Noa B of Johannesburg, South Africa

Noa B.

Diller opened the gate for a personal journey.

Johannesburg | 2022

Headshot Photo of Oscar L of Melbourne Australia

Oscar L.

Bridging gaps across differences. 

Melbourne | 2022

תמונת פנים של אילנה א. משיקגו

Ilana A.

Women empowering Jewish women.

Chicago | 2022

Group of 6 teenagers gathered closely together smiling holding their hands out to the sides of themselves.

Always a Diller

The bonds made through Diller Teen Fellows can last a lifetime. As leaders, Diller alumni continue to create ripples of good in their communities and across the globe.

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