Adi A. Tel Aviv Fellow Audio Transcript


Hi I’m Adi from Tel Aviv, and I’m 16. I think my perspective of like being a leader like changed a lot from the program, because I realized the result of like different tutors, like everybody can be a leader at the end of the day it depends when. And in each situation, I feel like I’m sometimes a leader and sometimes I’m maybe not. I can even say that today when something in Diller that we needed to do like we needed like an assignment together and I don’t feel like a leader at the moment. One of my friends did like so much took the responsibility, and she was better than me, and I loved it, like I loved it that she took the leadership in that assignment, but there’s a lot of other stuff that I’m more of a leader there. So I learned from the program there is a lot of different leaders and ways to be a leader.