Sofia F. Buenos Aires Fellow Audio Transcript


I’m Sofia. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Jewish community here is so big but so small at the same time. I mean, when you’re part of it you feel like the community is really big, but at the same time, when you compare those numbers to actual population of my country you can realize that we are a really small community, and that generates a sense of partnership with the other. For example, when we had our JCM a few weeks ago, we went to Entre Rios, which is a province here in Argentina, and we went to a small town that is part of Jewish community that they were sent there when they came to Argentina in order to have a better life. And they had a synagogue there, and when Shavat came, they didn’t have anyone to carry out the service. So we were the ones who had to sing the songs and carry out the whole service. It was really fun. Because we had different ways to just carry that service out, and I haven’t had a funner Shavat in my whole life. And I think that’s what makes pluralism so important. You can be with the other and create something new not only in the Jewish community but Diller as well.