Shoshana I. Toronto Fellow Video Transcript


I’ve never felt more loved or welcomed. I’ve just felt like I could be myself during this whole experience. Family is an understatement for the bond that everyone in our year in Diller has. I came in not knowing anyone in my cohort. I didn’t even recognize anyone, but it’s gone deeper than I ever thought it could. The relationships that have been built over the course of the year by being willing to learn about people that have different perspectives than your own. It has been so, so special for me. I’m going to take these friendships that I’ve built, not only with the Toronto cohort, but with Johannesburg, Melbourne, Eliat-Eliot. All of these connections that I’ve made are really going to last. It’s been something so different than what I’ve ever done before, and I know that this year is going to have such a positive impact on my life moving forward.