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The Diller Teen Fellows:
Mission, Vision, and Goals


To create an international network of inspired and empowered Jewish teens who will serve as active, effective leaders with a strong Jewish identity, a sense of commitment to their communities, the Jewish people, and Israel, motivated to make the world a better place.


The Diller Teen Fellows Program will serve as a premier leadership program for Jewish teens, exemplifying excellence in pluralistic Jewish informal education. Teens and their communities will be strengthened through the experience of Jewish values, Peoplehood, and pluralism. Program alumni will form an international network of Jewish leaders who will creatively and collaboratively engage in enriching and improving their communities and the world.


  1. Participants will deepen their Jewish identities and develop an awareness of and appreciation for pluralism.
  2. Participants will be active leaders, identifying and spearheading responses to needs in their communities.
  3. Participants will build meaningful and long-term connections with their peers in their local communities and in their partnership communities.
  4. Participants will feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to Israel and the Jewish People.
  5. Graduates will be empowered, with self-awareness of their potential.
  6. Graduates will generate a positive ripple effect in their local communities (among their families, peer groups, etc.)
  7. Graduates and their families will have an increased sense of connection, commitment, and responsibility to their local community, partnership community, Israel, and the Jewish People.