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Follow the link below to apply through your local community. No Diller Teen Fellows program in your home community? Get in touch via our sign-up page and we'll help you learn about participating.


Community Support

With the Diller Teen Fellows network spread around the world, participating communities benefit from access to:

  • An organization dedicated to empowering the future of the Jewish people.
  • An international community that fosters a sense of belonging to a greater whole.
  • A collective of supervisors focused on addressing the needs and challenges in each community, and on managing a shared educational agenda.
  • A group of Coordinators that share best practices and serve as an outlet and resource for colleagues to support and inspire each group of participants.
  • Personal connections with other Jewish communities and professionals around the world.
  • A central office that serves the entire program and ensures long-term stability for each local community.
  • A ripple effect of programming designed to maximize the impacts in each community.